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Suggestions here are placed roughly according to my personal estimates of how probable it is the average person can make Real Money doing them. I.e., items nearer the top are often things I've either made money myself doing, know first hand of others doing so, or perceive them as having very low entry thresholds for just about anyone to participate in them. The further down the page you go, the less sure I am of them (unfortunately, many of the riskier items may often be the most fun, tempting, and potentially profitable to pursue!).

Note folks that going the self-employment route is probably MUCH more difficult for most people than the conventional 9-5 job path. Most self-employed folks must put in longer hours to get less pay and benefits than regular employees do (but on the other hand the minority of self-employed that do better than the other 90% discover there's no ceiling on how much money they can make). Determining a profitable self-employment channel that's as close as possible to what you'd do for years even for no pay at all (i.e., something you enjoy) can be essential for lots of folks going this route. But how do you figure out exactly what you'd like most to do? That can be especially difficult for the young and/or inexperienced among us. One of the best methods for finding your way may be a pretty old career guide book titled "What Color Is Your Parachute?" You can probably find an old copy at a public library. However, as this book is designed to be written in and pages cut out, you might prefer to buy a copy if possible. It's probably reprinted periodically.

Please note that I can't guarantee the usefulness, value, or trustworthiness of any particular link or lead offered here, because I'm not all-knowing, and don't have the time to track all these folks in what they do with their sites and policies over time. I do and will remove links to those that I come to understand are misleading others or worse-- but that'll be little comfort to any victims struck before I get wind of it. I present these items to you based only on what I'm aware of at the time of my writing, and urge you to do your own substantial research before committing yourself to any of the entities listed here. Be careful out there! Capitalism as practiced in the early 21st century can be scary!

SIDE NOTE: Just how wonderful might the net be for providing us with near-miraculous cures for everything that ails us, money-related or otherwise? Check this out: Simply visiting thehungersite.com and clicking a link there helps to feed the world's hungry. Why not bookmark it for a couple of clicks daily? Yeah, this operation won't directly put money into your own pocket, but if you're like me charity is something you'd do more of if you had the extra dough. Here's a way to act richer than you are, with real benefits for others-- free and easy. All it takes is a minute of your time. And I personally believe we all benefit in some way from everyone everywhere living better today than they did yesterday.

-- "Internet surfers can provide free food for hungry", Nando Media/Agence France-Press, June 9, 1999, http://www.nandotimes.com, and other sources

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